11 places You May Like to Visit in Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington is located in Monroe County Indiana in the state's central region. It is the seventh-largest city in the state and the fourth largest outside the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The city is referred to as southern Indiana's scenic gateway and was established in 1818 by settlers from Virginia, the Carolinas, Kentucky and Tennessee. The settlers were so mesmerized with the location's 'haven of blossoms' in the region that they decided to name it Bloomington.

Bloomington, Indiana


Bloomington, Indiana, has 80,000 residents and is home to Indiana State's famous Indiana University, established in 1820. The campus is one of Indiana University's largest campuses, with most of the buildings built out of Indiana limestone.


The academy-winning movie, Breaking Away was produced in Bloomington in 1979, and it featured the re-enactment of the university's yearly little 500 bicycle race. Also featured in the movie are Monroe County's famous limestone quarries.


Bloomington has an abundance of natural attractions, a fantastic community centered around Indiana University, and various fun activities that'll keep you occupied throughout your visit. Herein is a list of exciting activities you could do in Bloomington, Indiana.

Eleven activities you could do in Bloomington, Indiana.

1.  Visit McCormick's Creek State Park


McCormick's Creek was the first state park in Indiana located fifteen miles to Bloomington's northwest. The location has rushing waters, limestone caves, and a dense landscaped forest that provides beautiful sceneries that you could explore during the day and at night.


McCormick's creek park offers primitive and electric camping experiences with over 200 individual camping sites and group camping cabins and areas. You can also find other overnight options like the canyon inn located within the state park.


You can also find other famous attractions like the Olympic-sized swimming pool, various accessible hiking trails, and a nature center full of exhibits. If you've been curious about horses, you'll get the opportunity to experience guided horseback rides from the saddle barn.

2.   Bloomington Indiana University Campus Tour


Are you planning to visit Bloomington, Indiana? Get to see the biggest and the main Indiana University campus! Bloomington, Indiana University is a high-ranking institution that consistently appears in the top 100 universities in the US.


The campus is considered among the most beautiful campuses and is rated as one of the top 50 best universities in the nation. You could begin your tour by walking past the huge sample gates on a wooded trail that leads to the Kirkwood observatory built in the 1900 and is considered one of the distinct buildings on campus.


You could then head over and visit the fantastic Roswell House built in 1908 from the stone door gates from the old college building. You could then head into the student union building, which is the second-largest globally. Get to visit the beck chapel, Lilly library, and even the Showalter Fountain.

3.   Visit the Local Farmer's Market.


If you happen to be in Bloomington during the warm weather, from April to November, you could browse through the farmer's market and get yourself some handcrafted souvenirs, plants, and also locally grown fresh products.


The market is open weekly and sells various fresh farm produce and other products produced by local artisans, artists, and farmers. You will get the opportunity to explore over 40 different vendor stalls and get various locally grown produce like flowers, charcuterie, dairy products, honey, homemade jelly, jam, etc.

4.   The B-line Trail


If you get some time while visiting Bloomington, you could check out the B-line trail. Once a railway connector, the B-line trail is a paved pedestrian path that makes it easier for pedestrians to navigate various tourist attractions and natural spaces with ease.


One of the prominent stops is Downtown Bloomington, where pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized travelers can access various amenities. They can connect to sites like the Wonderlab museum, the farmer's market, and various other venues and city events.


The pathway has energy-efficient lighting that illuminates public art situated along the trail, plus various intermittent fitness stations that encourage site seers to get even more exercise. Walking the pedestrian path will be good for your cardio. As a plus, you also get to see various beautiful pieces of art and scenic surroundings along the way.

5.   The Fountain Square Mall


The fountain square mall, found at the heart of the city, is located less than a mile from Indiana University and the sample gates. The mall is a historic building filled with various local shops that sell items ranging from art, jewelry, and different fitness products.


The fountain square mall is the heart of the town and receives due credit for revitalizing the downtown area in the 1980s. Observing Bloomington, Indiana, it's hard to imagine that it needed economic revitalizing at some point.


Away from the fountain mall, especially on Kirkwood Avenue, is a string of community institutions and storefronts that you could shop in. You could also try out various culinary dishes in the local eateries, boutiques, and specialty shops.

6.   Wapehani Mountain Bike Park


Love biking? If you do, then Wapehani Mountain is the place to visit. Wapehani mountain bike park is located southeast of Indiana University and Downtown. The area is tucked away on 50 acres of land catering to hikers, mushroom hunters, wildlife watchers, and trail runners.


Wapehani Mountain Bike Park has almost eight miles of trails that range from advanced downhill and obstacles to more intermediate trails. The area has plenty of traffic in the evenings and on weekends meaning that you are sure to have fun.

7.   Indiana University Arboretum


If you're looking to chill out and relax, then you could head over to the IU arboretum. The conservatory provides a welcoming space on campus with a quiet, natural atmosphere. The arboretum was initially planted in 1984, and the attractions have grown beautifully ever since.


You could take some time off during your visit and hang out around the arboretum. If you choose to study at Indiana University, you could also get some time off during your breaks to wind down and appreciate the beautiful nature. You're sure to get a great experience, especially from late April to early May.

8.   For Wine Lovers


Wine lovers know that it's never only about the wine; it's the ambiance that comes with the experience. Oliver winery may be outside the city, but it's a spot you'd never want to miss. Oliver Winery has a beautiful and spacious tasting room with exposed wooden beams and large windows that let in lots of light to come in.


The outdoors is also absolutely stunning from the moment you reach the location. Oliver winery welcomes visitors with bubbling waterfalls, manicured landscapes, and lots of beautiful flowers.


The winery began as a hobby by a law professor in the 1960's. It's grown to be the largest winery east of the Mississippi. You can taste eight wines for $5 or move over to the patio or order some cheese and soak in the atmosphere if you don't like wine.

9.   Monroe Lake


Monroe Lake is a 10,750-acre reservoir located to Bloomington's southeast and surrounded by 24,000 acres of protected land, including wilderness areas and forests. The lake is spread over Monroe and Brown County and provides the residents with beautiful recreational areas.


Ransburg's scout reservation is located on Monroe's eastern shoreline and the Marina and Fourwinds resort. You can enjoy year-round fishing, boating, kayaking, skiing, and various other water-related activities.

10. The Tranquil Vibe Day Spa


Tired after a long day visiting various exciting locations, you could go to the Tranquil Vibe day spa, get pampered with multiple therapeutic treatments, facials, massages in an elegant and also luxurious setting as well.


You could choose from various spa services offered or get a special spa package that includes skin treatment, facial, body treatment, waxing services, relaxation, and therapeutic massages, plus healing and restorative hydrotherapy treatment.

11. Buskirk-Chumley Theater


The final location on this list, and definitely not the least interesting, is the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, located in downtown Bloomington. It's a performance venue that showcases various stage events, shows, and entertainment attended by the local community all throughout the year.


The venue provides space for residents and visitors to enjoy the arts, plus a state where known local and international performers can perform. If you're searching for a romantic date night idea, then this may be the best place for you to go out to. Get to watch performances like Mary Poppins, Of mice and men, and other internationally renowned shows.



Suppose you are looking to travel to Bloomington, Indiana, to study at Indiana University or visit the various attractions. In that case, one thing you could be assured of is that you will get to experience the best time of your life. This article provides you with a variety of distinct locations that you may find more enjoyable and interesting. Reading through the article could give you better ideas on some of the sites you may be interested in visiting and how you may need to plan for your trip. Have fun!

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