4 Adorable Small Towns of Southern Indiana

Nashville, Indiana, located about 50 miles north of New Harmony (located in Floyd county), Indiana and the Ohio River, is just one of the four small towns you will want to visit when you visit Brown County, Indiana.


Your Trip North - New Albany


Before you head north, you might as well as check out Falls of the Ohio State Park, just east of New Albany, Indiana and about a mile north of Louisville, Kentucky. As you venture north through Washington County, you first pass by Salem, Indiana, which had one of my dad's favorite race-tracks, where you could watch stock-car races and high-powered sprint cars. They go so fast around the .555 mile high-banked tracked you may need a physical therapist for your neck after the race to work the soreness out.


Where to Stay - French Lick


Though you may decide to grab a hotel room in Nashville, Indiana, many people decide to head to French Lick, Indiana, where, after checking into the main office, can check out the French Lick Casino.


Where to Eat On Your Way Home - Clarksville


Southern Indiana Cooking is some of the best in the world. At least that is my totally unbiased Hoosier opinion:). But many people also like to be entertained while they eat, and if you're heading back to toward Louisville to fly home, then a stop at the Derby Dinner Playhouse, where there is always a kid friendly show to take in. You won't need a hearing aid for this show, because it is delivered in an acoustically well designed theater. Don't forget to check their website for upcoming events.


What to Do - Nashville


Nashville itself, it is picturesque village located in the center of Brown County, Indiana. It is probably the most walk-able town in Indiana, though it won't take you more than a couple of hours to walk every street in the town. Though small, it has most everything you need, including a healthcare provider or two, a non-profit organization or two, including the Salvation Army and several other largely Church based organizations. It is also home to the Brown County School Corporation and the Brown County High School.


Gifts for the Entire Family


The town's main attraction are dozens of artisan craft shops, where you can find everything from hand-dipped candles, wooden sculptures made using a chain-saw, to glass-blowers and t-shirt shops. In addition, you can find real oak furniture, spices from around the world and plenty of specialty restaurants and breweries. There is also an outstanding public library, as well a paved walking trail that runs along Salt Creek, where you almost always catch sight of a deer, rabbit, fish, or snake. There's also hand-crafted jewelry stores which sell unique gold and diamond creations available only in Nashville. There is also a 'train' that provides guided tours around the town during most days of the week, a kiddie favorite. Finally, we have brand new music center, replacing the Little Nashville Opry, which perished in a fire years ago.

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